I have come across some very unusual names in my travels to date so I have decided to keep a list of some of the more amusing monikers that folk have had to live with over the years. I will add to it as and when I ‘meet’ new people with interesting handles.

  1. Cooey Hussey (relative to a former resident of Mompesson House)
  2. Edith Pretty (owner of the Sutton Hoo finds before donating them to the nation)
  3. Sir John Poo Beresford (navy admiral and relative of the Cobbe family of Hatchlands)
  4. Stiff Leadbetter (architect believed to have been involved in creating Hatchlands)
  5. Norman Evill (architect involved in the rebuild of Nymans)
  6. Trekkie Parsons (friend, and later lover, of Leonard Woolf, Monk’s House)
  7. Wolryche Whitmore-Jones (member of the Chastleton Jones family)
  8. Lettice Knollys (various members of the Knollys family once resident at Greys Court)
  9. ‘Stiff Dick’ (nickname of Sir Richard, the 1st Baron Onslow, of Clandon Park)
  10. The Hornyold-Stricklands (of Sizergh Castle)
  11. Huttleston Broughton (last owner of Anglesey Abbey)
  12. Urban Broughton (Huttleston’s father)
  13. Bimbo the baboon! (a former resident of Tredegar House’s menagerie)
  14. Detmar Blow (Arts & Crafts architect who oversaw repairs of Tintagel Old Post Office)
  15. Sir Rushout Cullen (former owner of Upton House)
  16. William Bumstead (former owner of Upton House)
  17. Adelbert Salusbury Cockayne Cust and his wife Maud Buckle (owners of Belton House)
  18. Frederick Puddle, Charles Puddle, Martin Puddle (former head gardeners at Bodnant)
  19. Marmion Ferrers (owner of Baddesley Clinton; his brother was called Compton)


I thought it would be interesting to note down which NT properties have been visited by royalty and here’s my list. I am only counting reigning monarchs who visited while on the throne and am excluding Prince Consorts and Queens that are simply married to the incumbent King or Queen. In the case of William and Mary, I will include both (if indeed they crop up anywhere!) as they ruled alongside each other.

  1. Polesden Lacey – King Edward VII
  2. Hughenden – Queen Victoria
  3. Charlecote Park – Queen Elizabeth I
  4. Hailes Abbey – King Henry III
  5. The Vyne – King Henry VIII
  6. Dinefwr – King George IV
  7. Claremont Landscape Garden – Queen Victoria
  8. Melford Hall – Queen Elizabeth I, King George VI
  9. Osterley Park & House – Queen Elizabeth I
  10. Petworth House & Park – King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, King William III
  11. Anglesey Abbey – King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II
  12. Wimpole Estate – Queen Victoria
  13. Sissinghurst Castle Garden – King Edward I, Queen Mary (Tudor), Queen Elizabeth I
  14. Tredegar House – King Charles I
  15. Waddesdon Manor – Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King George V, Queen Elizabeth II
  16. Cotehele – King George III, Queen Victoria
  17. Saltram – King George III
  18. Lanhydrock – King George VI
  19. Lamb House – King George I
  20. Cliveden – King George I, King George II, Queen Victoria, King Edward VII
  21. Belton House – King William III
  22. Mottisfont – Queen Elizabeth I (twice!)
  23. Penrhyn Castle – Queen Victoria
  24. Blickling Estate – King Charles II
  25. Treasurer’s House – King James I

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